Joshua House

a Ministry of Place 


The Joshua House – Haiti is a vibrant tropical setting. Travel to the beautiful Cap-Haitien valley of Haiti and see the Haitian culture, while working with our Haitian Partners IDADEE and CHIDA that invest in the community. 


The Joshua House – Ligonier is a quiet country setting. The Joshua House – Prayer Mountain is a spacious mountaintop experience. Both locations provide the environment for guests to discover, renew, or strengthen their faith/journey with the Lord.


Planning for The Joshua House – Pittsburgh is currently in the works. Through hosting groups at this downtown location, we hope to serve vulnerable seniors, those who are hurting as well as children and families living in the throes of poverty in our own urban community.

Plan Your Trip Today!

Contact us and plan out your service trip to any of our Joshua House locations. Grow in your faith and serve the Lord.

How Your Team Can Serve

The Joshua Foundation provides the place in either urban Pittsburgh, rural Ligonier & Prayer Mountain, or Cap-Haitien, Haiti. We’ll connect you to any of those areas and our partners who provide Construction, Humanitarian, Medical, and Environmental assistance. Please review the opportunities below and let us know how you and your team want to serve. The Joshua House also provides much needed rest and retreat for those missionaries who are in need!


Supply local churches, orphanages, and and schools with food packets or teach gospel stories.


Build homes, medical clinics, and fix up churches when you use your gift of construction skills.


Whether you have medical skills or can be trained to conduct exams the people of Haiti could use your help.


Help provide clean drinking water and restore the coral reef when you choose an environmental project.

Our Mission

Joshua Schweiger was a little boy born to Craig and Leeanne Schweiger May 5th, 1999. Joshua died unexpectedly the morning of July 14th, 2000. The Joshua Foundation was originally created to build an interdenominational Christian retreat house. The endeavor grew to develop three Joshua Houses for serving others and sharing the love of Jesus with the lost.

Our Beliefs

The Joshua Foundation stands for unity in the Body of Christ. Now it represents three places for Christian Believers from various denominations, races, cultural and economic backgrounds to share: third world Haiti, a quiet country setting in Ligonier, a spacious mountaintop location on Prayer Mountain, and the urban community in Pittsburgh. 

A Ministry of Place

Three places for believers to renew and grow in their faith. Through its Joshua Houses, The Joshua Foundation refined its purpose to become The Joshua House, “A Ministry of Place.”

A Ministry of Place

 A place is significant because, as its Creator, God is Lord of that space. There is no place in the entire world where God is not the sovereign Lord. A place is where it may be said “The Lord reigns here.” The work of the Joshua Foundation is accomplished in partnership with the Lord of place to provide, in His name and by His provision, places where significant things can happen between individuals and between individuals and God.

Make A Real Change In Someone’s Life

The Joshua Foundation was started with the specific purpose of building an interdenominational CHRISTIAN retreat house. Over the past 20 years, we have been able to witness the Lord work through missionaries and see countless lives changed.

Joshua House Locations

The work of the Joshua Foundation is founded upon and motivated by a theology of place. We believe that a place is more than just a portion of space.  A place is a significant portion of space for a number of important reasons.


Choose from multiple service experiences while staying at The Joshua House Haiti and being immersed in the culture.


Attend a faith filled weekend to discover, renew or strengthen your faith/journey with the Lord.

Prayer Mountain

Retreat to a spacious mountaintop retreat center in the hills to recharge, fellowship, and grow with other believers.


Serve in our community through teaching the gospel to kids, feeding the poor, and serving your neighbors.