Joshua House Haiti!

How You Can Serve Their Community

Once you decide on your trip you then can choose from a menu of service opportunities from our local partners. From medical, humanitarian, environmental, or construction we promise to find you a trip that suits your group.

Why Haiti?

In the summer of 1977, two young ladies from Uniontown, Pennsylvania, Alice Wise and Kathy Gouker, went on a “short term mission trip” to serve at the EBAC Orphanage in Cap Haitien, Haiti.  Their short term mission trip turned into a life mission and they are still raising orphans in a loving Christ centered way at EBAC.  The vision of the Haitian Team, the IDADEE Orphanage opened its doors to orphans in 2011 and now takes care of about 30 four and five year old orphans. The IDADEE Orphanage, with its spectacular view of the mountains, sits on a large piece of property overlooking the bay where Christopher Columbus landed on the island and the Citadel.


Brad Henderson with the Pittsburgh Kids Foundation has been doing a tremendous amount of work at EBAC, IDADEE and in the Cap Haitien community.  The Joshua Foundation was blessed to be invited by Brad to join in his efforts.  The first project the Foundation assisted in was the building of the Billings Chapel on the property at IDADEE.  The Foundation partnered with Brad and Beth Henderson and their Pittsburgh Kids Foundation (PKF) to help raise the final funds needed to build the chapel which is currently used as a church and as a center for children and community events. 


      Amenities at the Joshua House include accommodations for up to 50 people, a 
      host/translator (In-Country Coordinator),
      generator for power, a bathroom with shower in each bedroom, cook and cook staff, kitchen with stove and refrigerator, safe drinking water, and fans
      linens (sheets and towels).

      Joshua House Contact Info

      Email: [email protected]

      Phone: 412-269-7852


      The cost to stay at the Joshua House is:

      • 1-3 nights $250 (includes transfers to and from Cap airport)
      • 4-7 nights $350 (includes transfers to and from Cap airport)
      • $50 for each extra day
      • Extra transportation charges for ½ day, full day excursions, and work sites
      • Extra charges for additional use of the generator beyond standard allotment

      *50% non-refundable deposit and a signed “Good Faith Agreement” (GFA) due at time of reservation, 50% due 120 days prior to departure

      Costs include:

      • Translator at Lodge and for transport
      • Bed with all of the above described amenities
      • Transportation to and from the airport
      • 2-3 meals per day
      • Security
      • Translator
      • Team support from the Haitian Team

      Costs not included:

      • Airfare
      • Health insurance with evacuation coverage
      • Service project costs


       Will You Help Us?

      We understand that not everyone has the time to travel. If you would still like to help our cause, would you please consider the gift of a donation? Your gift can aid in the feeding, clothing, and sheltering of the orphans in Haiti. 

      Other Resources

      Please contact us with any questions you have. We are happy to assist you in planning your serve trip and preparing to serve alongside us.

      Required Forms

      • 1) Joshua House Trifold – This brochure describes the Joshua House in summary. Feel free to print this out as you start to talk with your team about a possible trip to Haiti.
      • 2) Joshua House Field Guide – This is a preparation guide for your team. In it you will find pretrip planning information, what to pack, day of travel tips, trip information, host information and information about the Joshua Foundation.
      • 3) Good Faith Agreement– A signed copy of the “Good Faith Agreement” (GFA) is due upon reservation along with a 50% deposit.
      • 4) Release of Liability– A signed Release of Liability form is required for all people traveling to The Joshua House in Haiti. The release also contains a copy of the travel warning issued by the United States State Department.
      • 5) Smart Traveler Enrollment Account– We also require that your group create a Smart Traveler Enrollment Account (STEP) account with the State Department. This will register your team with the United States State Department and in the case of an emergency it will give the US government a way to track down its citizens traveling abroad. Please use the following address and phone number when registering your team: Address of the Joshua House in Haiti: Dos De Petit Morne, Morne Rouge, Cap Haitien Haiti. Phone 011 509 3736-9981


      Will I be able to call home?

      There will be a cell phone at the Joshua House. If you desire to make calls from this phone you should plan on paying the host to purchase a calling card in Haiti for you. They will buy the card and then add the minutes onto the phone for your team to use. The cost is about 25 cents a minute to call the USA. This is the cheapest way to call home.

      You are free to bring your own cell phone but please check with your service provider on their international rates and plans before you travel to Haiti. The phone system in Haiti operates on GSM technology and you will need a phone that uses this technology. Most carriers in the USA use GSM except Verizion. However there are several Verizon phones that have duel CDMA/GSM technology and will work in Haiti if the international plan is activated before your trip.  Service is limited based on your cell phone provider.

      Power and plugs are the same as in the U.S.

      Will I need a Passport/Visa:

      You will not need a visa to travel to Haiti however a passport is required.  The application may be obtained at most local post offices, however an appointment is needed in order to process the application. Apply as soon as possible to make sure that you have this document.  You will NOT be permitted to travel without it.  It takes several weeks up to 12 to get your passport, apply early.  Go to the following link to get more information:


      If your passport is within 6 months of expiring we ask that you get it renewed.

      How will I get there?

      Your group will be responsible for booking their own flights to and from Haiti. We will assist you in this process as we have many groups that we work with that can help lower the costs for you. We are providing the link below for your convenience. We suggest using American Airlines (AA) if possible. They are the easiest to work with and the cheapest way to get in and out of Cap Haitian. Please note that if you fly with IBC Airways you will be responsible to pay a $60/person exit fee in cash when you are leaving Haiti. Missionary Flights International (MFI) included this in their price and pays it for your group.



      What Immunization will I need?

      Consult your family physician as soon as possible.  The following are suggested you receive prior to the trip:
      Tetanus shot
      Heptatis A & B
      Malaria (Chloroquine)
      Adult Polio Booster

      See link:  http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/haiti.htm

      Some of these shots need to be done weeks in advance and cannot be obtained by your physician. You will need to visit a travel clinic or county health department to get them.

      What about Health Insurance?

      Most US health insurance companies do not cover expenses incurred on an international trip. You group will be required to purchase a short term health insurance policy for each person on the team that includes medical evacuation. IMG global has great prices (see link below) but your team is free to purchase from any provider.


      What is the weather like?

      Haiti is in the tropics and it is very hot in the summer and warm the rest of the year.  There are two rainy seasons (spring and fall) when it might rain in the afternoon.  For details on the weather for your trip please go to:


      Once you have determined the weather forecast during the time of your trip please advise your team to pack appropriately.  In general no heavy clothing will ever be necessary, please see the rules for appropriate dress.  Modesty is the norm throughout the Haitian culture.  Please try to understand you are visitors to a different culture and must respect their way of life in all regards.  Again we urge you to complete the cross cultural training for which we provided the link.

      What will we eat/drink?

      Your team will mostly eat American style meals while you are in Haiti. Your team will be given a menu that they can adjust according to need and/or dietary restrictions. We will ship in a lot of food from the USA but we will also buy as much food in Haiti as possible. The food we get in country will be treated so that it is safe for consumption. We will also have access to clean drinking water and will be able to mix it with powered drink mix.  Please note that the meals are meager by American standards, take snacks/protein bars that are individually packed for evenings.  Also, please be advised that chocolate will melt.  Our recommendation is to bring nuts, trail mix, or other high protein snacks that can be easily transported.


      What will we do there?

      Some teams will have an agenda and work projects on their own, but others will need some suggestions. The Joshua House is working with the Pittsburgh Kids Foundation to strategically invest in the community in and around the IDADEE orphanage. There will be various projects that we can connect you with while you are staying at the guest house. We also have connections with many local pastors who are always looking for people to do VBS for kids, help with construction of schools and churches or help people from their congregations.

      How much will it cost?

      There are several factors such as airline prices and the project that your team chooses to fund that will determine the final cost of your trip. The average cost of a trip from Pittsburgh has been around $1500.  Please note that you will have to pay a $10 cash fee when you arrive in Haiti.  This is a new requirement that all tourists must pay upon arrival at Cap Airport.


      What is included in my stay at the Joshua House?

      A host family
      Generator for power
      Bathroom with shower in each bedroom
      Kitchen with stove and refrigerator
      Safe drinking water, fans
      Linens (sheets and towels)