Mission trips continue to transform lives and local communities by supporting the people of Haiti. All of these efforts have been bolstered by a partnership with various organizations that focus on ministry for the area and a plan of promoting empowerment to this indigenous Christ-centered team of leaders, the Haitian Team. That is the key to sustainability!

It is imperative that we think very creatively about providing assistance that is not just a handout but for the purpose of building disciples in this land. It is with this philosophy in mind that The Joshua House Missionary Lodge at IDADEE continues to thrive.

Think about the jobs that are necessary to run a lodge. Our Joshua House Haiti team includes Mackendy Andre, our Joshua House host, who coordinates your itinerary and responds to any needs that may arise. Transportation staff driver-Jovenel makes travel to The Joshua House easy. The cook and housekeeper-Magalie and Stephanie keep the coffee flowing, prepare a nutritious breakfast, lunch, and dinner for our guests and ensure your rooms are clean. Our translator is Vila Gensler and Wislet is responsible for regular building tupkeep inside and out.

We have begun to source food for The Joshua House Missionary Lodge from local farms including New Roots Farm. What does it boil down to? JOBS for Haitians to live a better quality of life. Guests that stay at The Joshua House Missionary house support the local economy.

March was to be our busiest month of travel since we opened. The Joshua House Missionary Lodge guests help the team in Haiti by their visits. Because of travel concerns, Americans have slowed down the number of visitors traveling to Haiti, but the Joshua House staff still are paid. Although the level 4 is still high, guests are reporting that things seem relatively normal in Cap Haitien. Your donation and support also help maintain the economy when people may be canceling or postponing their trips.
We are excited to announce that The Joshua House Haiti will sponsor a Pastor and Teacher Conference on July 12th and 13th. The goal of the conference is to equip teachers and pastors on how to serve in their community. The Joshua House will provide lodging and meals to 45 local Haitian pastors and teachers who lead 5 churches and schools that serve 1700 kids. Stay tuned for sponsorship opportunities to support this mission.

In person, or with your financial support, we invite you to visit, see, serve and love!