Even a small donation can make a big difference in the efforts of the Joshua Foundation. There are many exciting ways your tax-deductible charitable donation can go a long way toward helping continue our mission through Joshua House Haiti and with a potential new retreat lodge in Western Pennsylvania. As always, you are welcome to designate your gift to a specific effort.

Joshua House Haiti:

Since June 2013, when the Joshua House Missionary Lodge in Haiti first opened its doors to missionary visitors in Haiti, there have been blessings too numerous to count. Now in our fifth year of welcoming guests, Joshua House has proudly welcomed nearly 2000 visitors that have come to the Cap Haitian community to help children at the EBAC orphanage, teach at the IDADEE school or assist with medical treatment at the CHIDA medical clinic, while simultaneously providing jobs for the Haitians who operate the Joshua House.

With the opening of the new CHIDA clinic earlier this year, we excitedly anticipate even more guests staying at the Joshua House during the year. In light of this we are hoping to fix a few items around the house that are in need or repair due to the natural wear and tear of four years of continuous operation. Many of our plumbing fixtures are in need of replacement as well as our indoor and outdoor furniture. These items can add up to a rather large financial burden outside the realm of normal operating expenses.

Western PA Retreat Lodge:

The Joshua Foundation is investigating the possibilities of building a Joshua House Retreat Lodge in Clinton, Pennsylvania on the site of the Family Guidance Promise Camp. For more than 50 years, Family Guidance has been providing programs to help at-risk youth in the Pittsburgh area. The Promise Camp is a 112-acre camp located in Beaver County designed to give at-risk children a life-changing experience through camping ministry. The camp offers activities such as swimming, rock wall climbing and hiking.
The Joshua Foundation is currently working with architects and engineers to develop a retreat lodge that would host Churches and other Christ-centered organizations throughout the year. Funds raised by the Retreat Lodge in the off-season would help to support the efforts of the Promise Camp throughout the summer season.